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JV Football Camps at Butler University
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Located on the northeast side of Butler's campus just east of storied Hinkle Fieldhouse, the Bud and Jackie Sellick Bowl provides a spectacular setting for athletic competition. The facility serves as the home of Butler's football team and men's and women's soccer teams. Butler University completed a massive renovation, making it one of the top football/soccer facilities in the nation.

Now seating 5,647 after a $2.6 million renovation in 2010, the Bowl now features bleacher seating for 5,039 across the west side of the field - including 250 chairback seats - as well as capacity for 434 for visitors along the east sideline.

The pressbox provides a great view of the Bulldogs coaches, gameday staff and Butler supporters. The pressbox, is 3,330 square feet and stretches between the field's 30-yard lines. It seats 100 and was made from 145,000 bricks sourced from the Indiana Brick Corporation.

The pressbox, which cost $1.5 million, is the home of Butler's Champions Room, a gameday hospitality area, as well as working space for staff, home and visiting radio and home and visiting coaches. There is also a 2,400 square foot observation deck on the top for video cameras.

Construction on the Bowl was completed in time for the start of the 1928 football season and Butler inaugurated the stadium by defeating Franklin, 55-0. The original Butler Bowl had seating for 36,000 spectators, with an option to enlarge the seating capacity to 72,000.

The first major change in the Butler Bowl came in 1955 when the Hilton U. Brown Theatre was constructed in the south end zone. The huge outdoor theater replaced 16,000 seats on the south end of the stadium and gave Butler one of the premier open-air stage facilities in the Midwest. For years, the Hilton U. Brown Theatre served as the summer home for the widely-recognized Starlight Musicals, which brought the best in off-Broadway performances to Indianapolis.

In 2006, renovation saw the removal of the Brown Theatre and all of the permanent seating on the east side of the field to make way for the construction of the Butler Apartment Village, which gives the stadium a much more cozy and nostalgic feel. Additionally, the installation of an artificial playing surface makes the field more apt to handle the wear and tear it receives from the football and soccer teams throughout the year.

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